PriServices is the administrative service provider for all Pri-services

  • Where all the services you need come together…
  • One online portal in which you organize everything
  • One clear collective invoice
  • One customer service for all your questions
the priportal services

The PriPortal

All Pri-services are supported by the PriPortal; a customer portal in which all services come together. In the portal you can arrange all your affairs regarding your mail, packages, flex office and telecom. General matters such as invoices and personal or address details can also be found in the portal.

pripost postdiensten

PriPost offers postal addresses in the Netherlands and (digital) mail processing. The Postbox can be used for both business and private use and you can receive your mail anytime, anywhere.

prioffice werkplekken

PriOffice has twelve representative offices spread in the Netherlands that can be used by entrepreneurs for flexible working, meetings and to register their company with the Chamber of Commerce.

priparcel pakketdiensten

PriParcel has been receiving, consolidating and forwarding parcels for thousands of customers worldwide. Use their shipping address in the Netherlands and they forward to any country in the world.

pritelecom telecommunicatie

PriTelecom is one of the most affordable providers in the market for a fixed phone number via VoIP. You can easily make and receive calls via the app while giving your company a professional appearance!

collective invoice

One e-wallet, one invoice

PriServices manages the central e-wallet from which all Pri-services are paid. This means that we are responsible for the entire financial administration and invoicing of all Pri-services. The big advantage for you as a customer is that you receive one clear collective invoice per month, specifying all transactions for all services.

One place for all your questions…

No matter which service or services you have, you can always contact PriServices with your questions. For example, questions about your invoice, the PriPortal or your PriOffice rental agreement. The PriServices customer service team is up-to-date with all Pri-services and always knows to find the right answer for you.

wie zijn wij pripost

The PriServices team

Our goal is to give you the best possible customer experience and customer service. On the one hand, by organizing everything as well and clearly as possible online, in the PriPortal. On the other hand, by being very easily accessible through various online and offline channels, so that you can always contact us when you do need personal help.

We believe that good accessibility is the basis of trust. As long as you are in contact with each other, there will always be a solution to any problem. So do you have a question or do you want advice about something? Please contact us, we’re here to help!