About us: The PriGroup team

Personal service and good accessibility

At PriPost, personal service and good accessibility are central and we believe that this is the basis of trust. Do you have a question or a special request? Call us, send an email or contact us via chat and we will do everything we can to help you!

A piece of history about us…

PriPost started in 2010 under the name PostboxNL. The idea actually came from our own frustration with the PostNL mailbox. We thought: “Surely there must be a better alternative to this?” But there wasn’t one, so we created it ourselves. PostboxNL was born and as you can see this name has some similarities with the name PostNL. We did this deliberately to really set ourselves a bit against the traditional mailbox. Precisely to make it clear that we are a better alternative: cheaper, more practical and more modern, aimed at the flexible working people of today.

We started with a few mail trays on the wall but soon more and more customers joined and we had to adjust our working method. And not only small entrepreneurs or companies, but also individuals, foundations and associations. People became customers for reasons we couldn’t have imagined ourselves.

From the beginning, we have used low rates because we believe that mail is a basic need that everyone should have access to. What is also very important to us is good accessibility and personal service. We understand that mail is something personal and that’s why people want to do business with a party with whom you can communicate well. We wouldn’t want it any other way!

Automate and invest

The company continued to grow and we began to realize that we needed to automate in order to continue to process all mail properly and within the right time. However, automation is not easy, as there is no standard software available that meets our needs and developing a customized solution costs a lot of money. But now phase 3 of our online customer portal is almost finished and we are very proud of that!

In the same period, we also expanded our locations with an office in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
More and more customers asked if we also had international branches and now that first step has also been taken with our first foreign branch in Barcelona. That is also the reason for our name change to PriPost, so that the name can also be understood and pronounced by foreigners.

Grow and expand

In addition to PriPost, other services are also being developed, all aimed at making life easier for the flexible entrepreneur:

  • PriOffice for renting a flex office and a business address for the Chamber of Commerce
  • PriParcel for receiving and processing parcels (this is currently still covered by PriPost)
  • PriTelecom for VoIP services

Our goal now is to make ourselves known to the general public, because we have never really done marketing before… A great challenge that we are looking forward to again. What we often say ourselves; now we can finally get started!