The new Chamber of Commerce regulation: What has changed?

From now on, the Chamber of Commerce offers the possibility to shield your home address in the Trade Register. That’s good news for all business owners who want more privacy and a more professional look.

Tip: you can provide your new postal address to the Chamber of Commerce via Mijn Eenmanszaak or via Gegevens wijzigen.

No less than 90% of the self-employed use the residential address as a business address for the company. This means that the home address is registered in the Trade Register. About 40% of the self-employed do not like the idea that their address details are public. We understand that. And the House of Representatives is also of the opinion that this should be different. Especially since more than half of all self-employed people regularly experience nuisance.

Anticipating new legislation

There is new legislation coming that will address this. In anticipation of that legislation, the government has asked the Chamber of Commerce to already get started with this.

In concrete terms, the Chamber of Commerce offers the possibility to shield the home address from the Trade Register. For this you need to meet a few conditions.

What conditions does the Chamber of Commerce set?

The Chamber of Commerce offers the possibility to protect your home address if:

  • You have a sole proprietorship / eenmanszaak (that applies to almost all self-employed people)
  • You have a different postal address than your home address

In concrete terms, this means that you only have to register another postal address to keep your home address out of the Trade Register.

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Tip: our page change postal address at the Chamber of Commerce explains exactly which steps you need to go through

More privacy and professional image

So do you want more privacy as a self-employed person or is it about the professional image? Whatever the reason. We understand that you want to shield your home address from the Trade Register. We are happy to help you with that. Read more about these and other benefits of our Postbox.