A postal address for individuals

A frequently heard reason of private individuals is protection of personal data, or: privacy. Are you often active online, but don’t you want to leave your private address everywhere? Then an alternative postal address offers a solution.

Another reason is convenience, for example because you now receive your mail digitally, via an app. That means that you do not have to be at home to view your post. Super handy when, for example, you are traveling for a longer period of time or just not at home much at all. Even if you do not have a fixed place to live, that is a practical solution.

In many cases, you can also receive packages at an alternative postal address. As a result, you do not always have to be at home to receive the package and that saves a lot of hassle.

A postal address for business

Renting a postal address has been known to companies for a long time. Previously, a P.O.box was often used, but fortunately there is a cheaper and more practical alternative to this nowadays.

For small business owners or freelancers, the main reason to rent a postal address is usually to separate business and private. Especially when you work from home or don’t have a permanent office. It’s just not safe to communicate your private address everywhere, and you can largely solve that with a (business) mailing address.

Another frequently heard reason for companies is efficiency through digitization. Instead of picking up, opening and scanning all mail yourself, it’s just much smarter to get everything delivered digitally. The amount of mail has decreased considerably in recent years, making it no longer profitable to employ a mailroom employee.

For foundations and associations with regularly changing boards, an alternative postal address ensures that the postal address never has to change again.

Rent a postal address, why and how

How does an alternative postal address work

The why is probably clear by now, but how does it actually work, an alternative postal address?
It’s very simple: instead of using your own address as a postal address, you use a different address. You rent that other address from a company and pass it on to all your relationships, friends, agencies, on websites, etc. Henceforth, your mail will arrive at that other address.

And how does the mail end up with you?
That depends on the company where you rent the postal address. At some companies you have to pick up the mail yourself, but that’s actually a bit old-fashioned..:-) Most companies forward the mail to you physically (i.e. by snailmail) and/or they scan the mail.

There are not many providers that offer a postal address in the Netherlands and the level of service varies considerably. So be critical when you make a choice, because it’s about your mail.

Why rent a postal address from PriPost

PriPost has been around for more than 10 years, has customers in more than 88 countries and is 100% focused on receiving and processing mail. Through the online customer portal you can easily manage all your postal items and indicate how your mail should be processed. In addition to the standard options of forwarding or scanning, also packages and registered mail can be accepted for you. Another advantage; advertising is filtered out for you free of charge whenever you want.

And do you have a question or a special request? With PriPost you can email, chat or call and you always get a personal service. Check out the reviews of Webwinkelkeur.

PriPost is the cheapest provider in the market. You already rent a Postbox for only [pobox_vr_ex_btw] per month. In addition, the costs of processing the mail are added. Check out the prices page for the full overview of the costs.

Rent a postal address, why and how

How to apply for a postal address from PriPost

Applying for a postal address, i.e. a Postbox, is easily arranged at PriPost. In a few minutes you will have your new postal address, so you can communicate it directly to all your relationships. You choose your own unique Postbox number that consists of a letter and a number.

And do you decide at some point you don’t need your Postbox anymore? Canceling is as easy as applying. And you do not have to be afraid of long contracts because the notice period is only 1 calendar month.