All financial matters in one place

PriServices manages the central e-wallet from which all Pri-services are paid. This means that we are responsible for the entire financial administration and invoicing of all Pri-services.

Everything from one e-wallet
To make it easy for you as a customer, we work with one e-wallet. All you have to ensure is that there is sufficient balance in the e-wallet to pay all costs. The great thing is that you can manage all financial matters in one place, even if you use multiple services.

Deposit money into your e-wallet

To keep the services active, there must be sufficient balance in your e-wallet. Without a balance, your account will go on ‘standby’ and no further processing will be done for you. To prevent this, you will automatically receive a message from us when the balance is low, so that you can top it up in time. You can also choose to replenish the deposit via direct debit, so that you do not have to worry about it yourself.



In the first week of the new month (usually on the 7th) you will receive an specified invoice for the previous month. This invoice contains:

  • An overview of the costs incurred
  • An overview of the deposits in the e-wallet
  • The VAT specification
  • Your balance at the end of the month

This invoice can be found in the PriPortal under My account > Financial. There you will also find your current balance.

For customers with a valid VAT number outside the Netherlands and within the EU, the VAT can be transferred. Contact the administration for this. Under certain conditions, companies and individuals established or living outside the EU can be billed without VAT.